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As the name suggests, J&J Hair identity takes after the initials of the 2 founders, Jasmine & Jac.Jac has been Jasmine’s stylist when Jasmine started her journey of continuing her upkeep of her silky long hair with a healthier & natural choice back in August 2015, where she met Jac at his previous organic salon.

Jac has been working as a stylist who believes customers should be educated continuously on taking care of their hair and getting great trendy colors with a healthier choice of reliable products and hair-dos that suit customers’ personalities and professions. Jasmine entrusted her hair to Jac as she has the same belief as him. Being a Regional CFO of an MNC, Jac ensured Jasmine’s profession is upheld at the same time, bringing out her inner personality of confidence and cheerful character.

Jasmine and Jac developed their customer-stylist relationship into great friendship where they shared lots of ideas together and became partners where they embraced their birth of J&J branding and business Start up in May 2016.

T.O.P. identity formula was created and deeply rooted at J&J. T being texture, O being originality and P being personality. This TOP IDENTITY FORMULA Has been the winning formula for J&J since its official opening on 24 Sep 2016.

Both Jac and Jasmine believe that every customers that walk in and out of their salon should be consulted and treated with their TOP identity formula.

At J&J, customers are their STARS and Limelight, NOT THEIR stylists. Customers are the TOP, where customers are given their suited hair dos base on their personality and profession, and still bringing out their best original features and ensuring right products are used on customers hair for their texture.


With different backgrounds and exposure, J&J came together based on a COMMON MISSION and BELIEF. Our strong belief that every customer, regardless of race, language or religion, has its “own unique Personality” and J&J is able to bring out each customer’s IDENTITY through J&J’s trademark formula: T.O.P. IDENTITY.

Trends evolve, fashions fade, IDENTITY prevails…..

At J&J, each customer is unique and special.  It is not just the skills of our Stylists that impress, but your Identity that matters. J&J promotes eco-friendly, natural, organic and ammonia-free products which care for the environment and protect our customers’ health while maintaining the beauty of their hair.

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