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NATULIQUE Organic Hair Colours

NATULIQUE Organic Professional Hair Colours have been designed with focus on natural ingredients that provide a more gentle hair colour and extra conditioning. A special formula that include pure natural sun flower seed extract, jojoba oil and apricot seed oil enables us to create pleasant to use hair colours with less chemicals and with better functionality.

6 Advantages of using NATULIQUE Colour Products

  1. No dangerous and unpleasant fumes as NATULIQUE natural colours is a 100% ammonia free permanent hair colour

  2. Extremely gentle due to a high content of organic extracts and natural oils

  3. 100% grey hair coverage

  4. A special lasting formula of NATULIQUE natural colours ensures a long-life hair colour result

  5. Easy to switch to as handling and performance is superior to competing hair colour

  6. No fading of the colours.

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