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Why We Use Natural Preservatives

Preservatives? Aren’t preservatives the same as parabens? And isn’t NATULIQUE an all-natural brand? Yes, we are, and we still always want to make sure that our products are safe to use for you and your clients.

We do that by using natural preservatives.

The importance of Preservatives

Preservatives are - as the name suggests - added to a product to help preserve it over time. This is done to make the product safe to use by preventing it from going bad. Because hair products have water in them, and have a pH level and temperature which bacteria love, they are potential breeding ground for bacteria.

Because of this, using a molten or bad product can cause possible irritation or infection to the scalp and skin. So, preservatives are very important for consumer safety.

Preservative-free cosmetic products are NOT recommended.

But even though preservatives are necessary, not all of them are safe. That is why we use natural preservatives.

What are Natural Preservatives?

Natural preservatives are ingredients that prevent products from prematurely spoiling and are – unlike synthetic preservatives – found in nature. Therefore, we use natural preservatives to extend the shelf life of our products, reduce spoilage and retain smell and effectiveness. After all, our products need to survive the shipping process from Denmark, and they might be sitting in a store or warehouse for a while before someone buys them. There are two types of natural preservatives:

  • Antimicrobial preservatives prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast

  • Antioxidants prevent oxidation. But it is important to make clear that antioxidants are not preservatives on their own because they do not prevent bacteria growth. They must be combined with an antimicrobial preservative.

In the EU we have very strict rules when it comes to preservatives and product safety. All cosmetic products have to go through what is called microbiological testing. This test is to prove that no bacteria can grow in the product, and it is very important in making sure that the product is safe for use. All NATULIQUE preservatives are approved by Ecocert and COSMOS and are considered more skin friendly than traditional more toxic preservatives. Most are naturally occurring in botanicals and are considered by these certifications to be suitable for products marketed as natural.

Why Natural?

Synthetic preservatives, most commonly seen as parabens, are bad for humans and they are bad for the environment.

In 2004, a British study found traces of five kinds of parabens in the breast tissue of 19 out of 20 women. This means that the study proved that parabens are able to penetrate the skin and remain within the body.

Parabens disrupt the hormone function by mimicking oestrogen. Too much oestrogen can trigger an increase in breast cell division and growth of tumours, which is why parabens have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues.

But parabens aren’t just bad for humans, they impact the environment too. A study of marine wildlife shows that parabens can be found in the bodies of animals such as dolphins, whales, seals, polar bears and otters. The researchers behind the study believe that these parabens come from products we have used, washed into the sewage and released into the environment.

Because of these reasons, we recommend to always avoid parabens in your cosmetics.

Some people think that natural preservatives are not as effective as parabens, but that is simply not true. There are a lot of different synthetic-free preservatives on the market that are just as effective. So, we don’t see the need to use preservatives that are dangerous to your health and the environment just because they are cheaper than the good stuff.

Natural Preservatives in NATULIQUE Products

It is always a good idea to combine different natural preservatives, so we use a lot of different ones in our products:

  • Potassium Sorbate is a natural white salt and it is an antimicrobial natural preservative. It is so natural that it is also used in food! For hair products it is a great alternative to synthetic parabens.

  • Sodium Benzoate is also a salt and it is found naturally in apples, cranberries, plums and cinnamon. This preservative should be combined with other preservatives, and it works great together with Potassium Sorbate against yeast and mold! Like its partner this preservative is so natural that it is also used in food.

  • Yet another salt – Sodium Gluconate prevents the growth of microbes in our products to keep them safe for our hairdressers and their clients. It also prevents discolouration of the product over time, and it helps our cleansing products to foam better in hard water.

  • Besides from stimulating hair roots and follicles and its anti-inflammatory properties, the rosmarinic acid in our Rosemary Leaf Extract also prevents the chemical reaction that causes a product to oxidize.

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract is a natural antioxidant derived from the seeds and pulp of the grapefruit. It has both anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties to help extend the shelf life of NATULIQUE hair colours.

Did you find this article useful?

We sure hope you did!

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