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Why choose Organic Hair Salon and how to differentiate them for real.

In this article, I would like to share with you the benefits of using Organic Hair products and why use full range of Natural and Organic Ingredients for customers.

In recent years, Singaporeans have started to appreciate better care of both themselves and the Environment. The younger populations are demanding for more environmentally friendly and natural products. This has also led to a spike of many Hair salons re-branding themselves as Organic Hair Salons. But why go organic when you already love your current products? Organic Hair Products, for example, are now widely available at both hair salons and online shopping. But why go organic when you already love your current products?

Following are 5 key benefits that are worth the switch.

Promotes Hair HEALTH

Not only can the chemicals in traditional hair products irritate your scalp, but they may also damage your hair over time. For example, your hair lose the moisture and shine, making the hair strands prone to breakage. Yes, some will invest in masks and conditioners to smoothen and getting back its shine.

However, often such Masks and conditioners contain petrochemicals that make your hair silky soft but only deceive you of the stripping effects of your shampoo.

Some Organic hair products do the opposite. They give hair the nutrients it needs to grow beautiful, healthy, and strong without the use of petrochemicals like silicone.

Look for ORGANIC SALONs that uses gentle products without silicone to give you real treatment on the inside and not just on the surface for healthier hair.

Promotes Overall HEALTH and BEAUTY

Your skin absorbs takes only 26 seconds to absorb an estimated 60% of what you put on it. So, when you apply chemicals to your hair and scalp, some of those synthetic substances may enter your body although this is still up for debate. By using organic hair products, you eliminate this unnecessary chemical intake that might be detrimental to your health. It also eliminates the exposure by your Hair Stylists in absorbing prolong harmful chemicals that they are exposed to.

Traditional products contain chemicals and other synthetic ingredients that may irritate your scalp and any other skin it comes in contact with. Organic hair products, on the other hand, contain natural ingredients like proteins, vitamins, essential oils, and fruit extracts. Whether you have a specific allergy or are simply prone to irritation, you can trust organic hair products will be kind to your skin.

Covering Grey hair is the most common service at hair salons. However, increasingly, due to stress, the food we consume, etc. scalp treatments, whether for early prevention, for relaxing massage, for hair loss or for exfoliating your scalp, Scalp treatments has been the next common hair service offered in all hair salons.

When choosing the Hair salons who provide scalp treatments, again, look out for scalp products that they offer. Say YES to mineral Scalp treatments. Some good Scalp MINERAL treatments available in the market that I would recommend that is not harmful to your scalp for prolong usage are the EMMEBI Italia 5 Elements (Fire, Metal, Water, Wood and Earth).

EMMEBI Bionature Scalp treatment for Home care is also recommended as it uses Minerals for scalp treatments with effective results.

Promotes Overall Safe ENVIRONMENT

Whatever excess chemicals aren’t absorbed by your hair and scalp are washed down the drain, where they can contaminate both water and soil. Using organic hair products keeps these chemicals out of the environment. Additionally, the ingredients in organic products are harvested through organic farming methods. So, by purchasing these items, you are also supporting sustainable agriculture.


It is true that Hair salons offering FULL Range of Organic and Natural ingredients products use are in general having a higher price tags, as the true organic products are indeed more expensive to manufacture. When you weigh the Pros and Cons, you will realise that with a little more $, you are give to your Professional Hair Stylists, to yourself and to a HEALTHER and SAFER EVIRONVMENT, with lesser Harmful CHEMICALS.

Promotes Organic Hair Salons that truly believes in choosing the environmental friendly Natural Ingredients

There are increasingly many salons promoting "organic" services, however, as an informed customer, you should always ask to see the brands of organic products used in the salon. Go on to the websites to check out the brands and read the ingredients carefully. If the salons are using brands that are not listed on websites for their Organic Perming lotion, Hair dyes, scalp treatments products, ask for the certificates of these products to read.

As an informed customer, do your own research. Do not be misled by the price and One product range used. You would want to make sure that you do not get distracted by promotions offering organic services. Browse and observe the products used on your hair during your services.

For Example, during hair dye / hair coloring process, if you are offered organic coloring, make sure that not only the Color tube used is Ammonia and Parabens FREE, but the hyrdogen peroxide mixed with the color tubes are also AMMONIA and PARABENS free. Where you have color highlights, make sure that Bleaching powder / Whitener used are also AMMONIA and PARABENS FREE. These are the 3 key products that are required during a coloring process.

I hope this article can help you in your knowledge when deciding which Organic Hair salons and what Organic and Natural Ingredients products offered. In my next article, I will share with you more on Hair care at home after salons.


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